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As a professional singer and musician, my mouth is the means by which I make a living. My smile is paramount to the way I connect with people, thus, I don't trust it with just anyone.

I spent an enormous amount of time finding the right orthodontic partner. Advance Orthodontics rose the highest on that list in mid-Missouri as the clear leader. So much so, that I am the third of my family to undergo a comprehensive orthodontic treatment program to straighten my teeth.

As a childhood survivor of the ‘sixteen candles’ metal braces system and a person unable to ‘hide my orthodontia’, I knew I wanted to pursue alternate options. In consultation with Advance Orthodontics, my dentist presented me with a menagerie of different ways we could achieve a perfect smile. After settling on the Invisalign approach and undergoing the initial consultation, I was amazed at how simply and realistically the office handles everything from financing to appointment scheduling. They’re a friendly, high-tech office that provides text message reminders, online calendar editing, open lines of communication and an expert level support staff.

At the end of the day, the aspect of my treatment that sealed the deal for me is the approach–this is very unique: when Advance Orthodontics takes responsibility for your smile, it includes any treatment necessary. I started with Invisalign, but to achieve a final leveling of my lower fronts, we had to conclude¬†the Invisalign, then move to a short-term metal bracket system. This entire process is included in the original cost. Perfect smile, means perfect smile. These folks commit.

Advance commits to your smile as your partner. Your smile is permanent and the way that everyone you come into contact with will make their first impression of you. Don’t trust it to just anyone. Do your research and visit with the professional staff at Advanced Orthodontics. From my own personal experience and the success of both of my sons; we couldn’t recommend it more. 5 Stars.